Acne and Acne scar Treatment in Dhaka

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Acne & Acne Scar2020-03-08T15:33:53+06:00
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    Laser acne treatment in Dhaka

    Everyone wants to have a smooth bright & silky face, brimming with confidence and self-esteem. However, one glance at the mirror may bring it down if you have a skin with acne/ pimples, pits or scars. Scars are trails left behind by pimples.
    With advancement in dermatology, the treatment for all kinds of acne – from mild, moderate to severe; is possible with unparalleled benefits.

    Acne & Acne Scar Treatment at Lamano2019-06-23T18:04:15+06:00

    At LAMANO Aesthetic Solutions, we provide a multi-pronged approach and world’s top medical inventions to treating acne and acne scars for patients. Some of procedures still unique at lamano & first time in Bangladesh and followed by International protocols. We believe that Lamano is the best and number one space to get treatment with true international flavor.

    • Fractional Laser a fractionated non-ablative laser to treat acne scars

    • Blue Bio Light Therapy kills the acne-causing bacteria

    • Medical Grade Chemical Peels designed to treat acne and acne scars

    • Hydrafacial to treat acne, blackheads, whiteheads and oily and congested skin

    • Twotec Radio Spectrum Technique

    • Dermocosmetics to treat acne spots and acne scars

    • Both oral and topical medicines are prescribed by dermatologist, in addition to the above treatments.

    Better Looking Skin with Lamano2019-06-23T17:10:02+06:00

    Get a bright & healthy skin and live with confidence. Acne is a very common skin disorder and we’ll help you achieve better looking smooth skin when treating acne or residual marks left from acne. It’s best to treat acne as soon as possible in order to prevent future scarring.

    Acne & Acne Scar

    Acne Clarifying Solution

    NEOSTRATA is USA based premium derma product and only available at Lamano in Bangladesh.
    Maximum strength 2% Salicylic Acid helps clear acne and prevent new blemishes from forming. A 7% AHA derivative blend targets smoother, younger looking skin.
    IDEAL FOR: Oily Skin

    Before & After Results Of Acne Treatment

    acne scarAfter


    What is acne?2019-06-26T17:30:22+06:00

    Acne Vulgaris or common acne is a disease that usually starts around teenage years and is characterised by the presence of black heads (comedones), pimples (pustules) and in the more severe cases cysts or nodules.

    Why should acne be treated?2019-06-26T17:30:43+06:00

    A lot of people still think that acne is one of those common skin conditions that the sufferers will just get over and too trivial to seek treatment from their doctors. While this is true in most cases, it may still take many years and sometime even decades before the acne is cleared naturally without treatment. This can cause the acne sufferers to have low self esteem and untreated acne may lead to severe scarring. It is important to remember that acne can be cleared but scars last a lifetime so getting treatment for acne before the formation of scars is highly advisable.

    How many sessions are required?2019-06-26T17:30:59+06:00

    It depends on the specific skin concern. Normally, a course of 4-6 sessions spaced out across a span of 1-2 months is considered to get satisfactory results.

    Any side effects?2019-06-26T17:31:24+06:00

    Side effects are quite minimal such as mild redness, swelling and peeling of the skin. It will be managed by applying doctor prescribed topical antibacterial cream, sunscreen lotion, and moisturizer.

    Is laser resurfacing painful? How long does it take?2019-06-26T17:31:46+06:00

    This is a completely painless process to a large extent as a numbing cream is applied and the whole session takes about 35 minutes.

    Why lamano for acne and acne scar removal?2019-06-26T17:31:53+06:00
    • Lots of option with Fractional laser resurfacing, skin peels, hydrafacial, PDT blue light and other clinical treatments are done effectively
    • Advanced USFDA approved equipment are used to ensure efficacy and safety

    • As every skin is different so is the type of scars. Hence, our doctors customize the treatment based on individual needs

    • Extensive checklists and contraindications list are provided to the patient post the treatment for optimal safety and efficacy

    • We know you would love to have your treatment in private, thus we assign an individual consultation and service room to you.

    • Expert dermatologists with years of experience and knowledge in treating all types of acne & acne scars









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