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Body shaping or Contouring treatments enjoy enormous popularity due to our eternal desire to look and feel good. However, fat bulges and saggy skin may result in a poorly defined body shape that may adversely affect our appearance and curtail our outfit options. 


Challenges Of Getting Back into Shape 

Here are the top reasons why most of us need to opt for professional body contouring treatment at clinics: 

  • Many of us struggle to lose stubborn fat from specific body areas despite a vigorous workout and strict dietary regimen.
  • Acute weight loss in obese people or post-natal cases may result in sagginess and pendulous fat deposits due to loss of elasticity of the skin and toning the body is impossible naturally. 

Leading aesthetic dermatologists at LA MANO use the ALMA Accent Prime USFDA-approved combination of ultrasound and radiofrequency (RF) technologies. The ultrasound heats and destroys stubborn fat and cellulite permanently, precisely and painlessly, leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. While radiofrequency energy helps minimize skin sag after fat loss for a more toned body contour than ever before! 

If you avail La Mano’s Body Contouring treatment here are the steps you can expect: 

  • One on one consultation with an experienced aesthetic dermatologist.
  • Assess by digital body fat analyzer and the fat distribution, laxity and cellulite in the target area.
  • Dietary counselling at the time of sign up, before the first procedure and after every session.
  • Diligent follow-ups and tracking of progress.