Emsculpt Neo

EMSCULPT NEO is a noninvasive body contouring treatment that is performed in a series of 30 minute sessions. EMSCULPT NEO takes the original EMSCULPT, which only incorporates muscle stimulation, and adds radiofrequency fat reduction and skin tightening.

“Patients experience an average of 30% reduction in fat and an average of 25% more muscle mass” after four treatments.

This machine simulates 22,000 crunches in a 30 minute session and has HIFEM-RF to destroy fat cells. It will even reach that deep visceral fat that is hard to get! Best results are seen 1-3 months after final treatment

Abdomen, Buttocks, Inner Thighs, Outer Thighs, Front Thighs, Back Thighs, Biceps, Triceps, Calves

No downtime
No side effects
Combined technologies for enhance result
Safe & effective
Clinically proven