You can enjoy your desirable face shape in Bangladesh only at La Mano and truly first time in Bangladesh by Alma Accent Prime from Germany. V-Shaped Face refers to a slim and oval face that narrows down to a sharp end at the chin. In Asia, a V-shaped face is extremely desirable as it makes the face look more youthful.


Because LA MANO has this unique treatment uses a combination of selective Ultrasound and Unipolar Radiofrequency. During this face contouring treatment, Ultrasound is applied to selectively target fat cells and eliminate them, and controlled Radiofrequency has an effect on fat metabolism and skin tightening.

Treatments conducted with Accent Ultra V Shape are pain-free and do not require anesthesia. During the procedure, a patient’s body temperature is constantly monitored and a complex system ensures safety. The device also contains a cooling system, whose task is to protect the epidermis, skin, fibers, nerves and vessels, damaging only fat cells. A procedure lasts from around twenty minutes to less than one hour, depending on the part of the body. It does not cause any side effects and does not require a patient to resign from physical activity.


Over time, the skin on the face loses its elasticity and firmness, resulting in sagging, loss of its freshness and even more undesirable effects, such as the appearance of a double chin, which neither ladies nor gentlemen are safe from.

There are many reasons we could develop a double chin. At LA MANO, we understand that many people don’t wish to undergo invasive surgery to improve the appearance of a double chin and look to less invasive techniques. Therefore, we offer Accent Prime, a device-led treatment which can be hugely effective in reducing a double chin.

Accent Prime is a high-tech, advanced Alma Laser platform for skin tightening, facial contouring and double chin removal. It is a combined technology developed on the basis of ultrasonic and specific radio frequency (RF) technology to achieve fast, natural-looking and lasting results through non-invasive procedures. The treatment has no side effects and guarantees lasting results.