One of the key advantages of Erbium laser treatments (Er:YAG Laser 2940nm) is that it is less invasive than CO2 laser treatment – meaning your recovery time should be more rapid. Most patients reach a full recovery within a week. The risk of undesirable side effects is also reduced. If you have darker skin pigmentation, Erbium laser will work better for you. Only you can get this special Erbium laser treatment in Dhaka at La Mano.

The following skin disorders can be treated with Er:YAG laser beams.

Atrophic acne scars
Herpes simplex scars, smallpox scars
Sun damaged skin
Mild to moderate facial wrinkles
Uneven pigment (brown age spots, freckles, melasma)
Seborrhoeic keratosis and other benign skin growth
Some superficial non-melanoma skin cancers
Some vascular birthmarks (capillary vascular malformations)