HIFU machine is the new technology for a non-surgical facelift, wrinkle removal and body slimming. HIFU machine treatment is proven to be faster and more effective.


HIFU is high intensity focused ultrasound. The highly focused ultrasound energy creates thermal coagulation zones at 3 different depths. (1.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.5mm). Wound healing response results in the formation of new collagen. The controlled thermal effect leads to the break of the targeted fat cells. Meanwhile, the procedure results in the contraction of collagen in the treatment area. Thus, providing longer-term tightening of the skin. HIFU face& body treatment makes the winkle removal procedure easier and faster.


Safe and Effective for All HIFU is short for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. The HIFU treatment targets fat cells for removal and SMAS on the face for skin lifting. HIFU is the best non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment. Unlike medical surgical treatment, HIFU is non-invasive and no downtime. HIFU treatment is safe even before or after Botox injection.