Mole + Skin Tags

A mole is a common type of skin lesion, also referred to as nevi, that grows on top of the skin and is made of melanocytes (pigment-producing cells). Most appear before the age of 30, many of which show up during early childhood. It is completely normal for an adult to have between 10 and 40 on their body. Over time, they may slowly change size, shape or color or start to grow hairs. Some become more prominent, while others fade over time. 

Most are not at all dangerous. However, ones that are itchy, painful, bleeding, changing color, increasing in size, asymmetrical or have uneven borders are more likely to be malignant.  

Moles can also be removed by Carbon dioxide Laser (CO2 Laser). The Laser is generated from CO2 is used to burn and destroy it. Depending on the size and depth of it, the area may need to be treated multiple times. In addition to treating the targeted area, the heat also stops the bleeding. Before any mole removal procedure, the area is sterilized and the patient is given a local or topical anesthetic to prevent pain during the procedure. Same procedure is applied to remove the skin tag as well.