Skin Whitening

Skin Brightening

People, be it men or women or of different ethnicities, have always wished for naturally radiant skin. When they grow old, they begin to lose the brightness in their skin because of various signs of ageing such as dark spots and fine lines. Some people lose brightness because of other reasons as well, such as hyperpigmentation or spots due to sun damage. Hyperpigmentation is nothing but the accumulation of a pigment called melanin in various patches on your skin. This pigment is responsible for causing tanning and increases with age. But what if someone tells you that there are various methods in existence which can decrease the amount of melanin and can solve other skin related problems to make your skin glow and more radiant? 

Well good news is La mano’s Skin Lightening treatment helps rejuvenate and brighten the skin tone by effectively treating concerns all those problems.  

La mano’s Professional FDA approved skin brightening treatments are: 

  1. Laser toning
  2. Glow peeling
  3. O2 lift facial
  4. Miracle white IV vitamin drip

How To Get Started? 

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