While tattoos are considered a permanent piece of art for somebody, some are still looking for ways to get rid of them for random reasons. someone might have got one when they were younger, where variety of cultural and physical lifestyles have changed and influence the decision to remove them off whether it be to get a job where tattoos are prohibited, especially among Asian countries. In this new age of technologies world, tattoos are no longer considered permanent and irreversible designs or marks on the skin anymore! 

As Aesthetic dermatologists can safely remove unwanted tattoo as you wish by only a wink of your eyes. In LA MANO we use world’s best Laser platform Alma Harmony XL pro which is the most effective method for erasing tattoo on the skin.  

With our advance in lasers and better medical methods, scarring has become very rare. Hence the post laser effects are some redness and swelling, whilst will later go away after 2 weeks in approximate depends on how well you take care of the wound.